Penelopi is done

The Penelope miniature is now done as well and will be delivered on saturday or sunday. The painting on the Snakebite Orks is on the way and should be done quoite soon, now I just have to decide on what rules to use for them, probobly Lootas or just normal boys in a Trukk.

The Forgeworld Epic fliers are more or less done as well, I’m just waiting for the varnish to dry and for me to make the decition about their bases. Either run them with normal flyer bases or to use the Aeronautica bases so I can use them in both games without the hassle to having to change the base everytime I switch game system.

On another note, me and the wife whent over to my mums house for early easter dinner which was very nice and my grand parents showed up as well so we could give them their easter eggs with candy in them.

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