Today I haven’t gotten very much painting done, found some old projects that I’m gonna try to get done. Some of them are probably several years overdue.

I did get some gaming in today. Some old friends that live in Malmö decided to celebrate easter up here. We played a .. entertaining round of Battlestar Galactica and as every damn time I can’t seem to ever get a Cylon card. We tried out the Pegasus expansion but decided to skip the New Caprica segment. I like the expansion this far, the new characters were amusing as they now have both skills and a drawback and even if us humans died in a pathetically short period of time it was fun to get some boardgame time.

The other day we received a email from another gaming club and the context was that they wanted to see if we would be up for some cooperation between our clubs.  I brought it up at the monthly meeting and everyone that was there thought it sounded like a really good idea and that it would be fun.

Todays meeting went OK even if we weren’t very many that showed up because of illness and previous engagements. After the meeting we started sorting up our improvised storage area.

In total a long but fun day!