Holy Cows!

Todays session down at the gaming club was spent building cows.. cows with GUNS! We are planing to demo a game called Battle Cattle* at a local con in December so we decided that we needed to get started early so we actually have an idea of what we are doing.

I haven’t had much time over for hobby stuff the last days but I have begun the daunting task of actually painting my Grotz. I’ve managed to get 30 of them done besides the basing so now I only have another batch of 30 to go. I also dug up a Mekk with a Shock Attack Gun that I’ve started to paint.

From what I’ve heard it seems like the clubs annual 40K tournament is going to be a Kill Team ornament this year so I’m currently looking for some good lists to get some inspiration from, right now it’s a tie between Orks, Imperial Guard or Chaos Marines I think.

*Battle Cattle is made by Wingnut Games