Chaos in the Old World

Today I finally got to try out Chaos of the Old World, a game I have wanted to try since it came out. We didn’t have the time to play a full game but enough to feel it out. It seemed to be a very good game. You probably need two, three games to really get in to the finer tactics of the game. I had my doubts about if they would manage to capture the fantasy chaos feel of the warhammer/40k fluff but I think they did a good job.


Fantasy Flight Games

And in true gamer spirit I have managed to start a good couple of projects while not finishing a single one. As it should be.

This Saturday our gaming club might get some visitors from another club to get some smaller 40k games in. It should be fun. Plus my sister is coming home for a couple of days before she goes to england where she will be staying for five months doing research.