List and stuff

So it’s been decided that our annual tournament will indeed be a ‘Kill Team’ tournament so it’s time to start coming up with a good list. I have a couple of them already done and I’m going to play-test the one I think looks the best but we’ll see how it preforms. I hope that I will get a couple of test games this coming Wednesday. The list I’m thinking of trying is as following;

3 Terminators, 2x Combi Melta, 1x Combi Flamer
6 Chaos Marines, 1x Flamer

It should be 200Pt exactly I think. I really think that list can be very effective but there are holes in it that I don’t think I can close if I don’t switch over to an all Terminator army, and I don’t think I would enjoy playing that.

I have also started to fix my CSM army i bought for some stupid reason. I’ve cleaned most of them and a big part of them are now base coated in silver. So soon I can get cracking with the pink.

I’ve also started sorting out some miniatures and they will go to the storage room for a while. The bad thing with doing a spring cleaning among your miniatures is that you realize that you have on almost obscene amount of projects everywhere. Just the amount of playing-ready armies that I have scares me sometimes. The armies I have is:

Witch Hunters
Imperial Guard (started as an add on to the Witch Hunters)
Old School Orks
Old School Necrons
Chaos Daemons
Chaos Space Marines
Eldar (very harlequin heavy list, not really player-ready yet)

Today we had our contact person from the “peoples education” come down to the gaming place to discuss how we should run our study circles and what funds we can apply for money from. It’s was a interesting meeting and we got some good information from him.

In other good news, one of my favorite band are releasing their debut album very soon, they are called HausHetaere and you can find them on FaceBook and on Alpha Matrix web site. They make some really good noisy industrial.

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