Almost there

I’ve been to busy gaming to remember to post here.  We are gaming more or less everyday now over the summer vacations which is nice. Some old friends came up/down for the summer so it’s nice to get some gaming done with them.

I’ve gotten two good games of Epic done, lost both but they were fun. We have also managed to play some normal 40K and a ~13K Apocalypse game which we won big time.

Today my and some of my gaming friends went up to Gothenburg to browse the gaming stores there, I didn’t end up buying anything but it was a good time.

I got a nice package from Maelstrom again with some Andrayadas Vorace, that I think I’ll use as Defiler proxies for my Chaos army.

It looks like this year’s EPICOMP 2010 is going to start quite soon and I think I’ll enter this year as I actually have registered on their forum. I have no idea of what to enter, I’ll have to dig through my boxes for something good.

This weekend we have our small gaming ‘convention’. I think we have most of the stuff ready but we have no idea how many people is going to show up. Well anyhow if no one shows up we’ll just game ourselves.