Bitten by the bug!

I’ve been bitten by a terrible bug, the fantasy bug. After all I’ve read about the latest edition the more I wanted to give it a go. At first my plan was to use my 40K Daemon army and buy movement trays from GF9 for round bases but I came across a bunch of old Beastmen and I checked out their army book and looked at some forums and decided that I would give them a go. So now I’m planing out what I need to purchase to get a desent army to start learning the game with.

I have also started painting up my Epic Necrons. I’ve come across a small issue with them, the bases. I’m basing them, as I did with my Chaos, in a winter theme. The bases came out looking kinda boring so I’m trying to find something more to put on them. I’m considering using small parts of Hasselfree’s Steampunk Parts pack on them to emphasize the living machines part of the Necrons.