40K Team Games

So today we played a 2 team game of 40K, I was playing my Daemons together with a friend who was playing his Ork Blood Axe army. The opposing team had one Tyranid player and one Black Templar player. The game was very even but we managed to walk away with a good victory in the end.

I’ve started working more on my Fantasy army and I’ll try to get some photos of them as soon as I have something completed for it. I decided to take the easy road with this army and just do a basic paint job on them and dip them with the Army Painters medium dip. It should speed up the process quite a bit I hope.

I found some good links today as well;

  • An updated version of the Vogen Campaign, man that brought up memories 🙂 – LINK
  • From the Warp are running a segment about Rough Trader and as someone that is a big “old school” fan (or an obsession depending on who you ask) I really enjoy it – LINK
  • Spiky Bits have a good tutorial on how to paint rust that I found gives you a good result – LINK
  • Spiky Bits also has a article on how to build a cheap Light Tent. I haven’t tried to make one yet as our camera is awful in any condition, but I plan to make one when we get a better camera – LINK

One thing, besides war gaming thats a big part of my life and a life long interest are movies and I think I will try to add some of that to the site as well, mainly what movies I’ve seen and so on, and I watch quite a lot of movies as I have a lot of free time on my hands.

So todays list of movies this far would be; The Sphere and  Ghost Story.