SkullCrafts review

So as I mentioned in my last post I ordered some basing supplies together with some friends from SkullCrafts and yesterday the postman kindly delivered it.

I ordered; Autumn Mix Leaf Scatter, Spring Mix Static Grass and Autumn Mix Static Grass.

Both the leaves and the grass mixes comes in a small metal jar with a see through lid on it. The jars came completely packed with leaf/grass.

The grass comes in quite a few different colors and I decided to go with an autumn theme on my latest project and from the pictures on SkullCrafts looked like they would fit perfectly with that theme.

At first I got a little bit disappointed when I opened them the first time as the grass have a more synthetic feel to them, not that you could see a difference from the other brands I’ve used over the years.

I’m glad my thoughts of them changed. I tried to make a couple of test bases for my new Beastmen army for Warhammer I have no complaints about how it’s used and it looks really good. The only problem I had with the grass is that the photos of it on their website is that the colors of it is a bit off. Not a big deal for me though.

On the the leaves. These things are pure modeling gold. I’ve been looking for some good leafs that wont eat through my poor wallet and these mixes might seem a bit on the expensive at $12 per jar but when you have seen it in person or tried it, it will change your mind about them. This is without a doubt my favorite modeling component that’s put there and I would, after seeing the result, buy at a higher price.

So what is the verdict…

Well first of, I ordered quite a few things together with some friends but SkullCraft had it ready to go the day after I ordered it. We had absolutely no problems with the shipping.The shipping itself is a bit on the expensive side but I doubt we pay anything above the actual postage cost so it’s not really an issue.

In general my verdict is that this is top quality material and I would recommend them to anyone and I will definitely order more supples from them.

I would give them 9/10 pieces of pie. James (the owner) have definitely filled a hole for basing supplies when it comes to wargaming and I just don’t have anything to complain about besides that the colors on their website was a bit off