Since I first stumbled over Taban Miniatures’ website I’ve been very impressed with the miniatures they produce and now with their latest release, Sister Gabriele I more or less have to buy at least one of their gangs to paint up. Looking at the Jokers and the  Matriarchy at the moment.

One of the reasons I like them is that they remind me of the gangs you could play in a kinda old and quite unknown Swedish miniatur game called Apokalsypse. Which is one of the sickest and violent games I’ve ever seen. But it had some very interesting mechanics.

Hobby wise I havn’t gotten much done, I’m finishing up my second home made Stompa and I’m painting up Typhus for some reason. Here is one photo of the Stompa wile PIP.

Edit: It might be a good idea to actually post the link to Taban: