I’m acctually am painting again, seems like my painters block has somewhat gone away. So right now I’m mostly painting my Space Wolves and I’m 90% done with the first squad and maybe 60 – 70% done with the second squad. Photos will come up tomorrow probably.

This last weekend our gaming club had it’s annual meeting to discuss plans, changes, membership fees and so on. We got some new people in  the “board of directors” (in lack of a better term) which is always good so it’s not the same people every year.

This upcoming Saturday, me and two friends from the club is once again taking a one day trip to get some gaming in with Sunnerbos Spelförening (LINK) and we are bringing our All Things Zombie set up so it should be fun.

As a subscriber to CMoN’s newsletter and to my joy they have finally restocked Maow Miniatures, who has released a really cool miniature that I’ve been trying to find online. It’s their Hello Cathy miniature and now I have to order it before it runs out. (LINK)