Almost done with the third Wolves squad and the Wolf Guards for the three squads and two Priests, because they are pure awesome.

We in the club has started talking about running a new 40k campaign soon, which would be perfect so I can get a grasp on how the Wolves work in-game as I haven’t tried them out yet. We haven’t really discussed much details yet but I think we’ll go with a map based campaign as we have a ton of ‘Planetary Empires’ and ‘Mighty Empires’ tiles. This time around I hope that we will make it a bit smaller then last time we had a campaign going. It got a bit to big and people got distracted by other things after a while.

This last saturday we went to Sunnerbos Spelförening as planed and ATZ was once again a big hit. I also got a full game of Civilization the Boardgame in, and it was the most even game I’ve played this far. Fortunately I managed to come up on top and after some very brutal battles I managed to raze the Chinese capitol and score my first win in that game.

It seems like me and a friends might take up some WWII gaming. We haven’t decided on any rules yet but I’m planing to start building some houses for it.

I came across a great site for Space Wolves players, they have advice for both people like me who’s just starting a SW army and for veterans of the army: http://space-wolves-grey.blogspot.com/