Wolf Guard

Today I’ve been trying to get some painting done to my Wolf Guards that are going to act as lieutenants while watching old MMA fights in the background. They are coming out kinda ok, not my best and not my worst but for some reason my camera really doesn’t like taking photos today so they look like crap on them.

If you want to browse some very nice looking Wolves, you should definitely pay The Painting Corps a visit (link).

I have also cleaned and based a couple of miniatures from Wyrd (link)for their Malifaux game. Well one of them were bought before they had a game to go with their miniatures. The ones I have is from the Neverborn faction, who doesn’t like demonic children and giant evil teddy-bears? I know I do.

Now I just need to get some more so I can acctually try the game out. It’s been getting very good reviews from everyone more or less and it seems like it has some interesting concepts.