Valentines Day

First of Happy Valentines Day! Spend the evening with good food, lovely wife and finally getting her to watch Kick-Ass so all in all a very good evening.

Of course I managed to find some time for modeling and painting. Primed my Wolf Scouts and started  buildning a ‘Arjac the Rockfist’ to give some support to my Terminators. I got inspired to build him after I read the discussion about him on the Beasts of War (link)

Now I just need to build a Logan miniature as well and get started on the Drop Pod that came in the Battle Force.

I come across a fantastic tank made by the member ‘Forgenoiser’ over at the Warseer (link).

In the club I’m going to start a “study circle” for repairing and building terrain for different types of wargames. I’m going to focus on repairing our old Sci-Fi terrain and get started with building a small set of houses for (W)WWII and I finally found a store in Sweden that sells 5mm Foam Board in A3 size for a good price So now I don’t have a excuse not to start building some. Tbh I’ve been wanting to make some terrain for a very long time but I just keep getting distracted by other things,  thats one of the reasons why I’m starting the circle.

Edit: I got bored and made two Lone Wolves in Terminator Armour. I’ll get some photos up soon.