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Finished my Wolf Scouts tonight, turned out ok I guess. I really don’t like the models, they don’t fit very well together but they were basically free, being included in the Battle Force so I shouldn’t complain to much.

I went through some of my way to many boxes of unbuilt models and found the marine half of my Black Reach set and decided to see if I could turn them into some extra Wolves. I spend an hour chopping them up and replacing all the arms with left over wolf arms. They turned out ok, not superb but they work. So now I have four squads of hunters and that should be enough for now. Now I just need some more Wolf Guards and tanks to fill out the army.

And it seems like we might be starting up Malifaux in the club. We are getting the game demoed for us on Sunday, it’s going to be fun seeing if the game really is all that good as everyone keep saying.