As podcast’s have become a big part of the internet part of our hobby I decided to give my opinion on a couple of them.

I used to listen to more or less all the 40k/GW oriented ones out there but I found myself bored with most of them and cleaned out a lot of them a while back.

Ok, first of is a podcast that doesn’t need any introductions, The D6 Generation. These guys (and girl) are in my opinion the most professional gaming podcast out there. They have excellent reviews and I like their no hate policy. This is probably my favorite pick of them.

Second one I want to mention is a podcast from down under, World’s End Radio. Also a very high quality podcast that has the big advantage that they talk about Specialist Games, most of if is centered around Blood Bowl but there is some good segments about the other ones as well.

Third is a, for me, new podcast that one of my friends recommended to me a while back, The Overlords. It has a different focus then most (if not all) other 40k podcast. They mostly talk about the fluff of the game and they do it very well. I find their fluff segments very interesting and I’m looking forward to hearing more of them in the future.

The forth and last one is my second favorite of the bunch. Meeples & Miniatures. I find Neil Shuck the best host of them all and his ‘Views from the veranda’ episodes are the best podcast episodes out there if you find the topics interesting.

That is the podcast I still listen to and I can highly recommend them all to anyone interested in gaming.