Candy (contains blood)

I finished of the last Malifaux miniature that I had left in my boxes at home. I’m pretty happy with how she turned out and with each time I use it I fall more and more in love with the magic that is Tamiya Clear Red. There is no better way of painting semi-realistic blood that I’ve come across yet and I doubt there is one as easy. I can highly recommend it to everyone.

Now I have to decide on what Crew to pick up for Malifaux. I think I’m going to pick up the last things for a small Pandora crew as I have some of the miniatures for it already but I also want another Neverborn crew so I can play some bigger games as well. I’m thinking about getting the Dreamer set so I can play with more then one Teddy, plus the rules for Lord Chompy Bits is pretty cool. I just wish I could get a hold of the convention version of Chompy because it’s much nicer looking then the stock version.