My packages has finally started to arrive. My order from Antenocitis Workshop came on Monday so now I have my brick sheets and flowers, now I just need my windows so I can continue on my buildings.

Today when I came home I had the second package of the week waiting for me, a nice little box of Russian WW2 soldiers from The Plastic Soldier Company (LINK). They look pretty good for the price of them. I ordered them when Maelstrom Games had a sale so I think I paid around £16 for them and you get 57 miniatures in the box. Sure the details aren’t the best and they are a bit 2 dimensional but hey, for the price they are awesome and they will work perfectly as grunts in my army to be.

At the moment the currency rates are very good for us here in Sweden when shopping in $ and £ so I made another small order from Maelstrom Games, for some stuff from Woodland Scenics to make some hedges and yet another set of rules that I want to try out, specifically ‘Disposable Heroes and a Coffin for Seven Brothers’ which I’ve heard a lot of good things about. And knowing my self I will probably order some more things tonight.