More in the Mail

I’ve finished building my Russians for Secrets.. and decided they needed some anti-tank support so I ordered some more goodies and paint and stuff for their bases.

The final list was:

1 Soviet Survivors with RPG-1s
1 The Army Painter Battlefields XP Poison Ivy
1 United States Infantry with Backpacks (1918)
1 Vallejo Model Color Beige Brown
1 Vallejo Model Color Flat Flesh
1 Vallejo Model Color Ivory
1 Vallejo Model Color Light Brown
1 Vallejo Model Color Russian Green
1 Vallejo Model Color Tan Yellow
1 Vallejo Stone Effect Fine White Pumice

The paint is after the guide my box with Russians had on it’s back for Russian summer uniforms.

The terrain building has pretty much stopped at the moment while I wait for my windows and doors from Litko. I started some hedgerows that are shaping up pretty well and my package with the foliage clusters has come so they should be done shortly.

No photos of anything yet but I should have some soon.