Boats and SMGs

On Saturday I went down to the club to watch two friends play a game of  Dystopian Wars, one played the British and the other one played Rising Suns. It was a fun game to watch and even if I don’t like the rule system Spartan uses I still feel the urge to get me a FSA fleet. Mostly because the ships are beautiful, well casted and amazing details. So I might get the fleet at least to paint.

After they were done, me and one of them played our first game of ‘Secrets if the Third Reich’. We didn’t read the rules enough before hand but it went quite smooth anyway. The game seems pretty good even if most of the rules are what I would say a very old school system with a couple of modern mechanics thrown in to freshen it up a bit.

There is a couple of things that stand out;

  1. The order system: I think that the order system is to simplified, I would rather have the orders have a bigger tactical impact on the game, more in the lines of some smaller scaled games.
  2. Balance: The game doesn’t strike me as very balanced. It’s not a huge deal for me as we play mostly for fun and don’t really try to find the options that break the game.

I managed to remember to bring my camera so I took some photos of the games and some WIP buildings we used for the Secrets game: