Houses and road trip

I’m basically done with two houses now, I just need some etched numbers for the houses. I have also started two other houses that have brick walls, for which I’m searching for any good paint schemes for. I think that I should have enough terrain done by the end of next week so we can play some with them.

Yesterday three of us in the club went on a, small but still, road trip to a town close to where we live. The reason that we went over there was that their gaming club was having board game marathons over the weekend. But after a lot of driving around the small town and didn’t manage to find the place, we gave up and went home instead. (note to myself, get contact info from the people that runs the event so they can guide you there) But we did get a game of Mammoth Hunters from Rio Grande and it’s a pretty good game, not superb but definitely worth trying it.