Easter Slaughter

Well it’s not as serious as it may sound, but I did get another game of Secrets in today and I won, that means that my Russians are still unbeaten, today was won mostly with my luck with the dice and that my opponent rolled terrible. But all in all it was a fun game, very bloody and we are starting to get a hang on the rules (still a lot to learn though).

We are going to show what we have for another member tomorrow after lunch. I really hope that he will like it so we are more then two who plays .

I have also decided, after reading through the expansion book, that I need to start a British army, with a Temple(isch) theme and with ht e £ is so weak plus that Maelstrom are having a sale so I couldn’t resist the urge to start the Britts. I went with the Chindits that I’m going to change the heads for some to make them look less like jungel troops but more like rebel I guess.

The stuff I got was:

   1 British Chindit Close Quarter Fighters              
   1 British Chindit Section                            
   1 British Chindits                                   
   1 British Commandos                                   
   2 Soviet Survivor Heads

The Commandos will function as more special units, like RPG teams, Snipers etc.