Need Tanks and Mechas

Today we played another game of Secrets.. and now it’s starting to be a bit smoother game play and I think we got most of the rules right now. The game we played was yet again a three player battle. This time around it didn’t end up wiping out the guy we were demoing it for. It was a much more even battle and I think it was a tie between all three of us.

I’m starting to feel that the lack of tanks or mechas is hurting me now when the other players have or have access to them. I don’t really know what support I want for the Russians besides a KV-2 just for the turret.

For my upcoming British army I want some smaller mechs and some of the new unit that came in the expansion. I think I’m going to get a Wasp squad and a squad British Steel. Thats all good but I still need some heavy mecha/tank. I know Warlord Games have a couple and just released a Churchull tank that looks good.

I managed to take two photos from the game that turned out “ok”