So when I got home this Monday I found a nice little package waiting for me at home from Maelstrom Games. My Chindits! When I was looking through the package I realized that I forgot to order some bases for them. The reason that I didn’t order it was that I hadn’t decided what bases to use, 30mm or the flat 25mm bases that Warlord sells and today I came to the conclusion that it looks a bit better with the flat 25mm ones and they will probably work better if I decide to try some real historical game.

The miniatures themselves are very nice and well casted. They do seem to  use a pretty soft material and I’ll have to change some weapon barrels to brass rods because they were pretty bend. The detailing on them is better then i expected and I’m looking forward to painting them, I just need to decide on how.

So off to the gaming stores (Maelstrom and Warlord) and I got some more things I needed and some that I don’t really need yet

  • 1 British Cromwell Mk IV Cruiser Tank
  • 3 Chindit with Boyes Anti-Tank Rifle
  • 2 Chindit Officer with Thompson SMG
  • 2 British Chindit Vickers MMG Team
  • 1 British Weapons Upgrade Pack
  • 1 Doomsday 1949 Book
  • Bases of course

So with this order I should a bit more units that can help against armor, specially since I know that my friends have more tanks and mechas on their way.