Cults and House

Not much progress being made today on the miniature front. I did how ever finish the last of my 4 town houses and my little run down church is just waiting for the glue to dry before it’s done.

I have spent a large portion of the day surfing around wargaming blogs to see if I could find some new ones to follow. I did find a couple and I ran into Zac for TGN’s blog (LINK) and through that I found the Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten rules for Strange Aeons. I had completely missed those rules before so I downloaded them and have read through them and they seem to be a lot of fun. Definitely something I want to try out when I get my Cthulhu plans rolling. The beta rules can be found on Uncle Mikes website, http://strange-aeons.ca/sa/?page_id=23.

It seems like demoing Secrets.. down at the club was worth the effort. We probably have two more guys interested in it, One I know will play the Germans and if the other one starts I think he was going to play the US.