Forum ,Smog and a Church

Yesterday we got the wonderful news that our forum provider is shutting down their forum service so I’ve spend the last two days trying to get a good forum up and running and researching if we could import the old forum into the new one. As the provider doesn’t give us any tools to save the database so it looks like we have to start over more or less. I have made a html dump of the old one so we do have the data stored, just not in a good way.

Finally Smart Max has released their rules for Smog called: Smog, the Thirteenth Hour and they are (at least for now) free to download from their website. I’m looking forward to see how the rules are because I’ve been trying to find a reason to buy their miniatures as they are among the best ones out there in my opinion.

I did finish the last parts of my church tonight, not the best building but it will work well I think.