Realms of Chaos

Today I found one of the best blogs about old GW miniatures that I’ve seen. I have a fascination for old GW miniatures and like to think of the as a small scale collector and because of that this blog really impresses me. It can’t have been neither cheap or easy to find all those wonderful miniatures. And just to make it even better the blogger is a phenomenal painter. I haven’t seen a better painted collection of old GW before. It’s a treat to follow the blog. The only downside with the blog is that it’s not in English so I can’t really understand what’s written but the photos talk for them selfs.

I found the link at Lead Adventure Forum, http://www.lead-adventure.de.

I have spend most of the day fixing our new forum and right now it seems to work well but we’ll see if we run into any problems later on. It can now be found at http://domm.se/forum/.