Can’t see the forest for all the Daleks

My trees arrived early this week and at the first glance I was very disappointed with the kit but as I actually opened it and played around with it a bit that has changes around completely. The trunks do look kinda plastic but when you put the foliage on they look very nice. I’m also glad that I spend the little money on the Hob-E-Tac glue Woodland sells because it made the process quite a lot faster.

This last week or so I’ve become a complete Doctor Who fan. For some reason I haven’t watched much of it before. Mostly just an episode here and there but a couple of friends are following it and convinced me to give it a try and I’m in love with that show. I hopped on to Ebay the other day and ordered some Daleks and other enemies from the UK. Definitely looking forward to using them in some game.

I have also started planing  a VSF/ACW diorama/participation game.


Here’s a photo of my first test base for my trees: