Yesterday my Daleks arrived which was very good news. They have a higher quality then I expected for some cheap toy Daleks that came for free with a magazine. I also ordered the other enemy set that they gave away with the magazine, it had a mix between Cybermen and Sontaran, 8 each. I did read up on them before I ordered them so I knew that the quality wasn’t the best and that they were made of a very rubbery plastic. This was a understatement. The quality was terrible and I’m not sure I’ll be able to use them as planed, but they were cheap.

After talking a bit with a friend about our gaming club here I started researching exactly when we started up the club. I didn’t manage to find much information that old among my documents so I send an email to SVEROK (Swedish national gaming organization basically) and got a quick response that we joined in as a SVEROK club in -96 (although the clubs we originated from is older then that, so we merged them in -96) so we are actually celebrating our 15 year anniversary this year. To celebrate that I’m hoping that we can get some funds to have a real celebration/gaming weekend in October/November. I’ve started to plan a budget and I’m going to bring it up on our next meeting.

We have also started planing our next bigger gaming weekend, 29 & 30 of July. Gonna be a lot of fun. I hope we can get some money for that as well so we can build a diorama for SoTR.

In other news, my blog got accepted in to the TGN Blog Network which is very exciting.

And here is my first unit of Daleks, War Daleks to be precise:

And here you have my first 11 forest discs: