20 Year Anniversary

We have had a long weekend here because some holidays so we have been gaming  a lot over the last couple of days as a mate and brother to one of our oldest members came down to visit so we have been gaming  every day since Thursday, which has been a lot of fun.

We played two 4 player games of Secrets.. some Dystopian Wars and a lot of boardgames. I don’t think I managed to win a single game of anything but it’s been fun.

Yesterday we had a meeting at the club and we did some more research for the anniversary and it seems like we actually will be celebrating our 220th birthday as the club was started in -91 with another name and then we changed the name back in -96. Pretty cool I think.

I managed to sell the idea of celebrating the anniversary to the rest of the club and I’m almost done with the papers that I need to send in to check if we will get any money for it

I haven’t really done anything hobby wise, no painting or terrain building besides basing my Daleks.