Loosing Like Crazy

Here in Sweden it’s vacation right now and that means that some friends are coming up/down to meet up and play a lot of games.

Yesterday we played a Secrets battle which consisted of two teams of two people each and we had 75RP for each player. I think this was the biggest battle I’ve played so far. It was a very fun game, me and my team mate played British och the other team played Germans. The first couple of rounds we just couldn’t fail a dice roll. We basically killed everything that we could see and they were very close on giving up and play something else. I’m sure they are happy that they didn’t because they managed to sneak in a last minute objective grab that we didn’t see coming so they ended up with one more VP then we got. The battle was very fun and we had a friend who never tried it before playing half the Germans and he seemed to like it.

Today we had planed to play some TI (one of my favorite games). We only managed to recruit five players in total but the game was still very fun to play again as we only play it once or twice a year. The bad part of the game is that I’m quite bad at it and usually loose big, and I did this time as well. I blame it on my self-diagnosed ADHD or something. The new expansion seemed to work well and added some new races among others.  I managed to acquire one of the new races that lives in a wormhole. They were fun to play and if I actually manage to remember their racial technologies I think that they can be really good.

A while back we got invited to demo ATZ at a local library and we went there this Monday. They have things like this as a summer activity for younger kids. There wasn’t a huge turn up in any way as we only got two guests that played. The surprising part, they where both girls and they seemed to have a fun time.

That’s all for now.