Small Gaming Reports

Both today and yesterday were dedicated to gaming (again) and we managed to get some good games in, among others two games of Secrets. The first one was pretty big, two teams of two players each with 75RP each to spend. I played my Brits for the first time and both me and my teammate just couldn’t fail a dice check so the first two turns was very good for us but somehow they managed to catch up and won by 1VP but it was a very fun fight.

After that was done we finally got to try out the latest expansion for TI and I can highly recommend it to anyone that likes the game. The new races seemed to work quite well besides that I forgot that I had a very good racial tech card which would have made it a bit easier.

We also played two gamed of Dungeon Lords, which is a damn good game in my opinion, perfect size, easy to learn and doesn’t take to long of a time to finish.

One of the days I went out to have a cup of coffee with an old friend. When I got back they were playing Secrets with Dalek’s, which we have discussed many times before.

We are taking a gaming break tomorrow but will start again on Monday.