The End

The summer gaming extravaganza has once again come to an end. People’s vacations are ending and they are heading back home. We’ve had a very good gaming summer, basically been playing games for three weeks straight. This year it was mostly boardgames and Secrets but also some CCGs, RPGs and other miniature games. My record over the vacation hasn’t been the best but I’ll have to take revenge next year.

With all the gaming being done my painting has taken a big hit. It’s just the last week or so I’ve started it again. So now I’m trying to get my Secret Brits done. I’m also planing out my next army, which will be the Russians now when Warlord is finally releasing the re-tooled Russian miniatures.

Last weekend we had our annual gaming event, SmallCon and it went very well. Lots of gaming and meeting up with people we don’t see very often and we managed to get more visitors this year then last year.

Right now I’m mostly waiting for the month to end so we get to know how our applications for the funding for our anniversary.