It was time to bring in some more support for my Brits, in this case a Cromwell Mk IV from Warlord, which is a very nice kit by the way. Secondly I’ve been looking for a miniature that I can use as the Mr Smythe character from Secrets as WestWind doesn’t seem to interested in releasing one anytime soon. The search has been more or less fruitless until I decided to try out an idea I had s while back to represent him with a different character, namely Aleister Crowley. Who better to represent the evil, dark magic toting occultists then “the wickedest man in the world” himself  (even though he died in 1947). Although I couldn’t locate a miniature of him I did find one that could pass as him in his older days, Artizan’s Signor Ferrari. The second miniature is also from Artizan and will be appointed the role as the local Battle Chaplain assigned to my Home guard.

I still have some miniatures left for the army and I still haven’t decided what figures I’m going to use for the Temple squads.