I got a surprisingly large package to day in the mail, it was my order from Maelstrom, super fast delivery this time. What took up so much room were the Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game that came in a very big box for being a card game. I’ve been tempted to buy it for quite some time as the Lovecraft/Cthulhu fan decided that it has to be good as they have Cthulhu in it. Then a while ago my wife started talking about getting some game that we can play here at home and that isn’t to complicated and I decided that this is a good time to try out the Living Card Game concept as we don’t have any at the club.

I havn’t started reading the rules yet but that will be the mission for tomorrow. The quality of the components are as good as one expects when it’s a game made by Fantasy Flight. Also in the box was my first batch of Russians for Secrets, 1 Red Army box and some extra soldiers with SMG’s.