Die Russen Kommen

I’ve finished the painting on my start of a Russian WWII army. I decided to get it done fast and to give the whole “dip” concept again to see how it would look if you put some more work in to it with some painting done after the dip. I’ve seen photos of great looking miniatures and armies that used dipping.

The miniatures came out quite good, I still have some work left like dull coating them and doing their bases. The dull coat will make a big difference in how they look as they are very shiny right now.

As my Brits are based in a autumn setting I wanted to do something else for the Russians. Looking for some inspiration online I came to the conclusion that most people seem to base them in a winder setting and I’m terrible at snow basing so I went with a summer theme and now I’m waiting for a nice big package of grass and tufts to arrive for England.

Btw Die Russen Kommen is an old Electronic song by Berlin Express, very 80s in the same style as Nitzer Ebb etc.

Here’s the song on Youtube: