Mecha WIP Part 2

Almost done with them now.

The flag is probably temporary as it didn’t turn out as well as I was hoping for and I’m looking in to if I can find a place to buy them from instead.


The basing will be done at a later stage when my order from Antenocitis Workshop arrives.

And in other news, From the Warp is starting up a Blogroll Spotlight together with Charles from The Emperor’s Codex. I haven’t seen his blog before but after spending some time looking through it, it’s going on my following list. I’m looking forward to seeing what hidden blog gems they manage to find.

“Over the past few weeks, I caught wind of a small project Charles was doing over on his blog, The Emperor’s Codex, where he was going through the FTW blog rolls and spotlighting some of the lesser seen things that he’d come across that he thought were worth taking a look at.

That led me to asking him to come over to FTW and post his findings here every other week. After some tense negotiations, Charles agreed and I’m happy to announce that he will be heading up the new bi-weekly Blogroll Spotlight feature here.

Every other Friday (the second and last Friday) of month will see a post from Charles that showcases a handful of posts from the rolls that he thinks are worth stopping by to check out. They might be something you’ve already seen or if you’re like me, quite possibly something you overlooked in your catching up.”