Tufts with small review

My order from Antenocitis Workshop arrived today with all my basing material I’m going to use for my Russians. I have more or less finished them all and the tufts I got worked out pretty well.

Most of the tufts I got was from Fredericus-Rex, a German company that makes cheaper tufts then say Silflor. I ended up ordering 4 different packages of tufts from them in various lengths ranging from 2mm up to 10mm (I think).

The biggest difference from the Silflor and Noch was the packaging. Silflor’s tufts come attached to a plastic sheet and Noch’s tufts come in special plastic trays. These ones came in decently sized plastic boxes but not attached to anything, they were all loose in the box. It doesn’t really matter to me as the boxes seem to work well and I haven’t had anything happen to them because of the packaging.

Tufts Closed BoxTufts Box Open

The tufts them self are well made and for it’s price, very good looking. I still think that Silflor’s and Noch’s tufts do look a tiny bit better but when I got these on the bases they looked very good.

To get some contrast I also ordered a set of flowering tufts from Noch and they also look very good when on a base. The red flowers were a bit over powering but that’s most likely from what colors were used on the miniatures.

Here are some examples of how the bases turned out and never mind the horrible base coat on the guy with the flag, it’s a bit grainy.

SoTR Russia
SoTR Russian Flag
SoTR Russia
SoTR Russian Batch

  • Phil Culleton

    I am planning on getting some of these tufts, whose do you recommend as the best quality? Have you checked out any other colours as I am interested in the autumnal ones the most.

  • For best quality I would say Silflor, but the ones from Fredericus-Rex are by no means bad quality. I haven’t tried any of the autumn colors yet. One thing I forgot to write in the review is that Fredericus-Rex’s tuft have a little bit wild grown look to them if that makes sense.