Reinforcements and bases

A bunch of packages was delivered by the nice mail man today. Some well needed reinforcement for my Russian army. I ran out of stuff to paint for them last week and have been waiting for more since then.

 One package from Maelstrom Games with a Maxim HMG team and one 82mm mortar team, both from Warlord Games. The Maxim has to be one of the fiddliest miniatures I’ve put together in quite some time. The second package was some transfers from Dust miniatures. It will be the first time using transfers since… I don’t know how long ago, probably since 2nd Edition 40k so I’m not expecting any wonders.

 The third package was something I considered a test-buy, it’s from Black Tree Design and they don’t have the best reliability if you are to believe the internet. But the order was shipped in two days and a couple of more in the hands of the mail service so I don’t know if I got lucky or if they have sorted out the problems they had but I’m definitely going to use them again soon. I need some more Doctor Who miniatures.

Upcoming 40k tournament

 We have decided to try to kick.start 40k in the club again, it’s been on the back burner since we discovered SoTR so we are going to have a club tournament again. We used to have one every year but it got skipped one year because we were moving to a different location and then it just got forgotten. So I’m debating what army to bring from my (way to big) collection of armies. Right now I’m thinking Space Wolves mostly because I haven’t played them more then a couple of times and most of those where in Apocalypse games. But then with the new WD “Codex” for the Sisters of Battle it would be a good place to try out the new rules even if I’m not a big fan of them.

Sarissa Precision

 A while back I ordered some bases from them for the second time around and I am seriously impressed by them and they will most likely be my main supplier of bases from now on as their service and price/shipping is as good as it can get. The quality is also very good. A friend down at the club ordered one of their city houses and for the price of it, it was very nice, the details were very nice and crisp and it painted up very well.