KV-2 madness

So today I feel like a kid at Christmas, I got my first scale model in probably 21 years. I was never a huge fan of the modeling hobby as a kid, I preferred made up RPGs, but I did build a bunch of them, mostly jet fighters and WWII ships. I have to admit, when opening the box and taking a quick look at the instructions, I felt very overwhelmed and that I was in over my head. I’m used to resing vehicles with maybe 10 pieces and an occasional 40k kit but nothing at this level.

 First impressions, wow plastic kits have come a long way since I was a kid, there is hardly any cleaning to do and no flash at all that I could see.

 I attacked the kit immediately and managed to finish it in a couple of hour. I still have quite a lot of parts left and no idea at all where they are supposed to go, but the tank looks good and is waiting for getting primed tomorrow. I haven’t assembled all of it so I can prime some parts in a different color.

 The kit is very nice and the reasons I choose this one was that I have heard good things about Tamiya and secondly because the hull is die cast so it has some weight to it which will make it better for gaming, I like to have some weight to my miniatures, it just feels better in my book.

Tamiya KV-2 Tank

Space Wolves

Yes I have decided (almost at least) that I will bring my Wolves to the club tournament. I don’t have a huge army and I am lacking some of the more popular choices like Missile Launcher equipped Long Fangs. I would like to have at least one unit of them but after looking online more missile launchers on E-bay and various bitz sites there is no way in hell that I will pay that much for them, I’ll just have to figure out an alternative. The list I’ve been playing around with is quite troop heavy and has a solid but to expensive Terminator unit in a Drop Pod. I’m going to see if I can get a test game in soon to see if it will be effective at all or just crap. I am a bit worried that I don’t really have any long range support but I do pack quite a lot of meltaguns and three Razorbacks which will hopefully be enough. We haven’t heard from most of the people I hope will be playing, this far we only have 4 people signed up.

If anyone has any good ideas on what to field as a substitute for Long Fangs, I’d love to hear it.

Club stuff

The culture department here has made their decision about how much money we will get from them, but they haven’t shared the news with us yet which is slightly annoying. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will know this week so I can start planing the purchases from the anniversary as it’s coming up quite soon. The other place we have applied for money from will also render their decision soon. I have to admit, I am a bit nervous about the verdict. Hopefully its a positive one and even if we don’t get all the funding, that we will get some of it.


I’ve been looking more at the new Ogre Kingdom miniatures that GW is releasing now. I really like some of them and I hope that my Ogre playing friend will buy some of them so I get to see them up close. I am considering getting one of the monsters (no idea about the name) to paint up, if I have the time and money for it that is.