KV-2 Weathering test

I’ve never been very good at weathering my vehicles but with the KV-2 kit I did some research and decided to give it a try. I have some pigments that I got quite some time ago, both from Vallejo and some no-name powders. I was hoping that either my wife or mother would have some old oil paint saved somewhere but no such luck.

So loaded up with articles, mostly from, a bunch of bad movies and started laying around. It took a lot of time and having to redo it a couple of times but I finally got a pretty good effect, well I think so at least. It was harder then I thought at first but it also looks better then I expected it to. The only problem I see with it is how well it’s going to stay on the model when using it for gaming.

One thing I haven’t found much info about yet is how to weather decals so right now they look a bit out of place.