Review of Heresy Miniatures

Review of Heresy Miniatures

Yesterday I received a very anticipated package from Heresy Miniatures. As I’ve mentioned before on the blog we are slowly trying to get enough miniatures to put together a Doctor Who Miniature Game setup for the club. I have enough Daleks and a friend has some things as well but we didn’t have enough versions of the Doctor. So I’ve been looking through the alternatives and while most of them look very good as well, the ones from Heresy are just better. Heresy offer the 3 latest Doctor’s and some side characters and bots. Two of the three Doctor’s are also available in two different sculpts for some variation.

The ones I ordered were Dr Malcolm Ecclescake (the 9th Doctor), Dr Hugh McCrimmon (the 10th Doctor), Nerdlord I (the 11th Doctor) and Emily Lake (Amy Pond). The process of buying them went very smooth, Heresy redid their web store a while back and look much better now and it’s easier to browse and find what you are looking for. The cost of them are in my eyes quite reasonable at £4 per miniature. Shipping was also very reasonable. So far no complaints.

The shipping took a bit less then a week which more or less is the standard time for packages from England to Sweden. The packages was well packed in a small cardboard box and the miniatures themselves were packed in individual zip lock bags with the base of choice. A nice little bonus was a piece of candy included in the package, So no complaints here either.

The miniatures themselves are very well cast with hardly any flash, I think I had one piece of flash in total on the four miniatures. They did have small mold lines so they do require some cleaning but they were very small and I think I cleaned all four of them in less then 10 minutes. The details on them are very crisp and all in all the miniatures are top notch and much better quality then several “big” miniature companies.

All in all I’m very happy with my purchase from Heresy and I wouldn’t think twice about using them again (which I will), They are definitely on of the better companies I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with and I wish them the best.







Cthulhu approves!



I also got most of my other ordered stuff, mostly for my Russians. I got some Warlord Navy Brigade, some Anti-Tank equipped soldiers, some more Russians from Artizan and another tank to the collection, this time a T34/85. Now I’m just waiting for my last package from Maelstrom with a pair of Universal Carriers for my Brits and another cardboard box from KR to store my Russians in.

I’ve started playing around with 3D modeling again, just on a very amateur level but I’ve done some bitz for 40k that I’m going to order to see how the new detailed materials works out. First up will be a missile launcher for my Space Wolves and some Melta Guns.