Practise for my Wolves

This weekend I got two practice games for the upcoming club 40k tournament. I decided to see how well my Space Wolves would do against a friend who often brings horde armies and I think my list will have the hardest time against hordes. I was half right, he brought an Ork list so I was outnumbered. By turn two more or less all of our units were involved in two close combats. I thought that I would loose big but I had quite a lot of luck and my friend rolled really bad. I ended up winning both of the close combats and got a big win even if I forgot to bring in my reinforcements until the end of the game.

 We decided to have another game the next day and this time he brought a Grey Knight Cortez henchmen horde. I haven’t really read their codex so I didn’t really know what to expect. It was a much more even game but I managed to get the victory again but it was far from a big win. I had three Wolves left plus some vehicles that had seen their better days.

 I used the same list for both the games and after seeing how it preformed I need to make a couple of changes. My Wolf Guard Terminator unit is to expensive for a 1000pt game plus I don’t have the points to invest in them to make them effective enough for the point value. My plan is to remove them and change the configuration of my Grey Hunter units so I can get another troop choice, another Rune Priest plus some more Razorbacks.


 So this coming weekend there is a small convention in a town close by so we’re a couple from our club that’s going there. We are bringing the ATZ setup as usual plus some good boardgames.


 Finally!! We will be receiving the decision for the last money next week, it’s getting closer now. We had a meeting this weekend and finalized what tournaments and what our focus should be. We decided that since we are trying to invite old members etc it’s easier with boardgames that doesn’t take up a whole evening. The tournaments will be in Road Kill Rally, RoboRally and Magic The Gathering.

 I’ve started ordering the things we need and will be receiving the posters and invitation cards next week I hope. We should also get the games I’ve ordered. While I couldn’t order all of the ones we want I did get another copy of Road Kill Rally for the tournament and Merchants and Marauders.

Plus three different cakes to celebrate.