Sick and Con

Last week was spend in bed being sick and didn’t get anything done what so ever, neither hobby stuff or packing the apartment as we are moving in like two weeks and we have way to much left to do. Unfortunately that means that more or less all my gaming and painting gear is nicely packed away.

 This weekend there was a small convention in a town close by an we were invited to bring ATZ, 40k and some boardgames which we were happy to do. We headed over there on Friday afternoon and started setting up the ATZ game and sometime during the evening we got enough people interested in trying it out and it ended up being a very fun game. I didn’t participate in the game but I was sitting reading in the same room so I heard everything. I don’t remember what gang ended up winning but I don’t think we have ever had as much mayhem before. Probably a quarter of the table was on fire after a gas station got blown up and then 3 cars got caught in the explosion and exploded, which they do on a roll of 1 on a D6. And in the end all the players were happy with the game, both the ones that have played it before as well as the first timers.

 I also played 1,5 games of 40k against the same opponent as the last ones. Both me and him had tweaked our lists and it made a big difference. The first game I lost, not to badly but it wasn’t what I would call an even game. The biggest change he had made was the put in more Death Cult Assassins that managed to kill off to many Wolves before I got to strike back. I also lack some anti infantry which hurts me a lot against horde armies.

 The second game never got finished. The first turn 2 of my 4 vehicles got stuck in terrain and the second turn one more did the same. The we got interrupted by a cake building race for the people hosting games there. We ended up taking second place, how we did that I don’t know but it was a lot of fun. After that we kinda forgot about the game and decided to just end it.

 Of course I forgot to bring my camera so I don’t have any pictures to show yet but I should get some from a mate.