Tournament report

This week we had our cub 40k tournament. Unfortunately we didn’t get many players, only 5 in total but we went ahead with it. On Saturday I played 2 games, the first being against my friend’s GK Henchmen list which I once again lost to. But this time it was dead even at least. The second game was against a Templar army with a lot of terminators. I lost that game as well, very even again. I realized after the game that I had forgotten a very important part of the rules for my army that would have made a big difference but that’s my own fault for not knowing my rules well enough. So the first day didn’t really go my way.

Today I started with a game against a Tyranid horde army which was the army I thought I would have the hardest time against but I was wrong. Somehow I managed to take him on and got my first win. After that I was going to play a new player with a Guard army. Unfortunately he had to leave so we didn’t get to play.

After all the battles we had the Henchmen army on top with the Tyranid army in second place so they played the final and the Tyranid player walked away with the victory.