So today I got convinced to dig out my old and unused Beastmen army for WHFB. I put together the army when the 8th edition came out but never got around to actually play it and they have since then been collecting dust in a box in the closet.

The last and only time I’ve played fantasy before was back in the 4th edition so I really didn’t know what to expect, or how to make an army for it. I got some help and managed to get a list done and we rolled to see what mission we’re going to play. We got the “get the house in the middle” mission and my friend won the roll to see who had control of it from the start. As my friend was playing his Ogre army he put some Gnoblars in it.

The game was bloody, very bloody and when it ended there wasn’t many models left on the table and somehow and with a lot of friendly help from my opponent I ended up the winner.

The game was fun and all but I am a bit skeptic to the rules. They don’t seem to be all that good. I’ll definitely play some more test games to try to get a better feel of the rules.