Fantasy Army

So after much consideration I decided to start a “real” Warhammer army, an army that I can put some more effort into so I’ve been doing research on the different armies available and two of them stood out from the rest. The Lizardmen and the Empire. After reading more about them on dedicated forums and such and looking at the miniatures a bit more I couldn’t get past the Renaissance/Landsknecht look of the Empire. The only downside is that I don’t like the actual miniatures, just the concept. So that left me with finding alternative miniature to use for the army. The good thing is that there seems to be quite a good range of them out there. For the bulk of the army I’m going with Artizan Design’s Landsknecht range and I’ve ordered the first unit to see how the miniatures look but judging from the WWII miniatures I have from them the quality should be excellent.

I’m having a bit of a problem finding good characters and cavalry for the army so the plan right now is to use some of Warlords Pike & Shotte sets as a base for the cavalry and some of the characters. I haven’t found any good alternative miniatures for the more fantasy elements in actual 28mm so I just might have to live with some of them being a bit taller then the rest or to solve it with creative basing.

As for theme I’m thinking of trying to do swamp basing for them and have them as a Cthulhuesque cult army but I’m not sure on that part yet. The other option is the easier and some what more boring normal sand with some tufts basing, either spring or autumn. When I get the bases I’ve ordered I’ll do some tests to see what looks the best.

I’m also looking to expand my Beastmen army with a Giant that my friend had in his bitz box. The plan is to put the “ox” head from the new Ogre Stonehorn that he also had left over. It should look pretty good and fit right in with the Beastmen.