Beastly Giant

This has been quite the productive day. I went down to the club to fetch the parts for my giant and watched the beginning of a Fantasy game. Then I got started with the giant and has spend a big part of the afternoon on it and while it still need quite a lot of work I’m very pleased of how it turned out, it was a great idea my friend had. The things I have left is mostly putty work, which I have to remember to order, and some mold lines to clean up.

After I was done with most of what I can do today I finished up another batch of zombies and painted/dipped a batch of nazi zombies.

This coming weekend we are participating in the annual national week of gaming that the “mother organization” we are part of is hosting. You can as a club join in on the event and then you receive a package with some t-shirts, pamphlets etc, but you also get a free boardgame. Their track record with the quality of the games hasn’t been the best but the last bunch of years we have gotten some very good games. This year we could pick our own game from a list and we took Age of Napoleon ( We haven’t really decided on what activities we’re going to have. We usually don’t have a lot of visitors for the event but I hope to get a game of fantasy in at least.