More Warhammer

This Saturday I played another game of Warhammer with my Beastmen, 3000pts this time. The game went as well as it could have as I more or less tabled my opponent. A big part of it was my luck and his inability to roll anything above 2. The “most killing” award definitely went to my lvl4 Shaman who, with the help of two devastating Purple Suns decimated almost half his army. I can now somewhat understand people who says that it’s over powered and I doubt I will take it in the future. The biggest letdown award goes to my Cygor who single handed lost 4 of it’s 5 wound by himself and didn’t kill anything at all, well besides himself.

I received the bases I ordered today. As usual from Sarissa. I forgot to order any trays for my Beastmen, which after this last game I need badly, but I got one test tray for the coming Empire army. The shipping went fast, the price was great so no complaints.

Since I haven’t received my Empire pikemen yet I needed something to paint and I found a bunch of Sisters of Sigmar that I can use as warrior priests or something like that.

I also started painting the three Doctor Who miniature I have ans trying to make some test bases for Warhammer.