Yesterday was a good mail-day. First I got my package from Artizan containing 28 Landsknecht pike men and 100mm wire spears for them. I also got one from the SciFi Bookstore, a Swedish store with some good comics, 1 Helblaster Volley Gun/Helstorm Rocket Battery kit and some gifts for my wife. The comics I got was; SuperGod, which was really good, Victorian Undead and the first new Hellraiser album, all very good.

The best one was definitely SuperGod. I like the storyline as it felt like a somewhat original take on “super heroes” and their impact on the world. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that it could easily have been two or three times longer as some parts felt a bit rushed but I can highly recommend it, especially if you like Warren Ellis’ other work. It’s published by Avatar Press and can be found here:

For the Hellraised album I didn’t have much expectations and honestly was going to be kinda lackluster but as a big fan of the movies and Barker in general I decided to give it a chance. And I have to admit that my predictions where wrong. It was actually pretty good, not the best comic out there but definitely worth a read if you like the franchise or Barker in general.

I have found a big disadvantage with our new apartment, the lack of a balcony. Right now I have nowhere to prime my miniatures and I have a big bunch that I need to start painting and my brush on primer seems to have run away during the move. So I’m packing a box of everything I need primed and taking them over to my moms warm garage.

When going through some boxes of old miniatures I managed to find one that I’ve been looking for a while and thought it got lost. It will be used, after some touch ups as my Wizard in my Empire army, armed with a chainsaw!